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Got my first deer today (Sweet Baby Jesus!!)

This fella is by no means a monster, but by God, he might as well been 20' tall, weighed 1000 lbs and aiming to kill me. (What a rush!!) I shot him at 7:30 this morning, have already gutted, skinned deboned and put on ice. Tomorrow I'll get to trimming and packaging.

I'm 34 years old; grew up on a farm (mom's family), but never shot anything bigger than an angry momma Raccoon. Dad was NOT a sportsman by any stretch of the imagination. This spring, the bug bit me to get a rifle, get decent with it, and maybe go back on the farm and pretend to be a hunter.

This dude popped over the hill in an adjacent field, and came my way down a fence & creek bed. I was about 100 yards back in a perpendicular fence row, and just about pooped myself when I saw him. I'd been going back real early in the morning before sun up and watching, as well as into dark in the evenings. I never saw this one!!

He was at about 200 yards when I pulled the rifle to my shoulder and walking towards me. He saw me move in the brush, and went to a fast trot. (I believe I said "aw fudge!" but the other one) I wasn't about to shoot at him moving that fast, so I did the only thing I knew to do; I made a loud combination tom turkey / cat meow / dog bark / ayooooga / crow noise. He amazingly stopped to look. 1 second later I drilled em' just inside of 120 yards when he was quartering towards me. I'm not sure where he was headed originally, but he's gonna be really late.

Remington 700 .308 shooting Federal's 150gr Nosler Ballistic tip; I cut through the breast bone to discover that both his lungs and upper part of the heart / aorta were mush (I poured out the lungs). He was dropped and dead in 2 seconds; didn't get another step off. This is a huge relief; my fear was that being the noob that I am, I'd make a terrible shot and have to go on safari to find my first. 10 minutes later, a little 4 pointer followed his same path, but turned and ran when he saw me wrestling this guy to the truck.

I don't know how to describe the feeling, other than to say that all of you remember how you felt when you got your first.. it's like that. 10 hours later and I'm still charged up.

After I got him gutted and draining, I was taking a break behind the Jeep. Around the corner of the Jeep, I see a good sized Doe stop halfway across the creek, staring right at me. I was in disbelief.. started getting twitchy again. Moved slowly to the Jeep to get my rifle and get a shot off, but she was spooked and ran back up the hill. I ALMOST.. filled my first permit limit within a two hour stretch! Crazy. I didn't expect to see anything today.


Map centered on where he fell: Google Maps

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