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Simple Cast Boolits

I am new to casting also. I bought 2 Lee moulds--one for 9mm and one for .45 LC. Last week I cast all day long and cast about 400 .45 255 grain boolits and about 300 9mm .356 124 grain boolits. I don't size my boolits. I took out my cylinder for my .45 colt clone and drop the bullets through the cylinder. So far every one I've cast has gone through the cylinder. That way I know the round will chamber when I get ready to shoot it. I spot check a few and stick 'em in the front part of my bbl. just to make sure the meplat will go in up to the first driving band. I haven't found a way to check my 9mm, but from all that I've read, you really don't have to size cast bullets. You have to run your own quality control. After casting, I sit watching TV and inspect all my bullets that I've cast. The rejects go in a can to be returned to my casting pot. I started out with a dutch oven on my grill side burner. When it wouldn't get hot enough to even melt lead, (and a lot of smoke) I gave up and ordered a casting pot from fleabay. I now use my Coleman stove, yeah the kind you have to put white gas in and pump it up! It definitely gets hot enough to melt lead. Now that I've found a use for the dutch oven I started out with, I plan to smelt lead wheel weights in it and use it for the trash pot (smelting lead weights) and keep my little 10 pound pot for casting bullets. If anyone has a sure fired way to check out 9mm without sizing, please let me know. I thought about taking my High Point C9 apart so I can access the chamber and test 'em that way. WRL
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