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Proponents of something will always find examples to justify their position. I can find where a guy fell off a 2 foot ladder and broke his neck but that doesn't mean I'll wear a stinkin harness everytime I look at a ladder.

Home invasions where people are murdered, raped or severely beaten can and do happen everyday. But it's absurd to even try to prepare for everyone of life's downfalls let alone the ones with the least probabilities. That's why we wear seat belts but not helmets when driving, why we tie off when working in high places but not when on a 2 foot ladder and why we don't go jogging with dark clothes on in the middle of the highway at night.

You want to feel the need to go heeled while walking around your house go for it. I'll feel free to either point out that you need to move or "may" point and laugh at you the same as I would a jogger running around a high school track with a flashing DOT barricade strapped to his back in broad daylight.


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