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QUOTE: ClayInTex
Am I paranoid? No, but I do know that somewhere, sometime, someone is out to get me. No, there is likely no one in the city who is intent on going out into the boondocks looking for Clay. He’s there but is merely looking for anyone who’s a possible target with money.

I totally agree with you. I normally carry two guns on me, the third in my pocket, due to some threatening behavior, after I had called the police out
regarding theft. And I have friends who think that wearing two guns openly in my home is paranoid and would rather become a potential victim.

I saw someone who had a quote which said, "Paranoid? Maybe, Likely Victim-- I don't think so". And that is the way I look at it. I can't stop crime, am not a police officer, and am not intent on doing that. But I think I have a pretty good chance of preventing me or my daughter from becoming a victim. But the pocket gun is a constant, too along with my primary carry it is almost always in my pocket outside the home.
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