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It is also worth noting that handguns were banned on many ranches. Ranch-owned rifles would be given out when the cowboy rode herd to keep off predators (including Indians), but if a cowboy showed up for work with a handgun, he had to turn it in to be kept in the safe until he left the employ of the ranch.

Nor did an ordinary cowboy own a horse or a saddle. Both usually belonged to the ranch and he took whatever the wrangler put out that day. On the plus side, he got his meals and his bunk free.
My farm has been around since the 1850's, I'm the first owner that has allowed handguns around. I do have a few rifles in lock box's for the guys, and I carry an SKS in a scabbard when I'm not teaching

Only a few of my hands own their own saddles and none own horses.
If they want to eat, they have a stove and a microwave, if they want Micky D.....its on there own dime.
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