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Al, you're right. We may very well get one or more decisions saying loaded open carry is absolutely legal where concealed carry is banned.

And that's cool - we'll take it. Because we know exactly what happens next . That IS what the Ohio Supremes said in, what, 2003, right? And so we did open carry laps around the various capital buildings until we got a CCW system a year later.

Kewl. We can do that again - rinse and repeat as needed.

The real questions arise later in states like Texas, Florida and Oklahoma where open carry is banned but there's a shall-issue CCW system (for money - at least $200 between the background check, fingerprinting, training, etc.). Can they require that much money before the excercise of a constitutional right? Or do they get forced to be more like New Mexico where free-of-cost open carry is an option as is paid-for CCW?
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