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Al Norris
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And how do you propose to fight onerous licensing/permitting when the right to carry has yet to be recognized?

I'm not talking about the way NYC does it. To be sure, should that case be won, then regulations like those in D.C. and Chicago will be next.

But under normal (as in 1A) regulation, such licensing/permitting could not be set so high as to preclude Joe-6-pack. Gura has intimated this in several of his briefs. But it is a passing remark, as the intent of the briefs are to secure carry as a central component to the core right.
Given the presumption that most citizens are law abiding, and the reality that the need to defend oneself may suddenly arise in a host of locations outside the home, I fear that the District’s policy choice may well be just the first of an unknown number of dominoes to be knocked off the table.
Heller, 554 U.S. at 679-80 (Stevens, J., dissenting).
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