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Jim, I like your then and now $ adjustment. It puts things in perspective.

My great grandpa was basically a working cowboy and that rifle would have been a big purchase and an important tool,, just as my duty pistol that I carry at work is to me today. I've carried a 92FS Beretta for over twenty years and it cost me $400 twenty years ago.

Great-grandpa used the Winchester horseback for around 25 years and obviously took good care of it. It has eight notches on it. Decades ago I asked grandpa what the notches were, and he said they were for the men his dad had to kill on the Texas Mexico border which at the time was still frontier & plagued with banditos, rustlers, and the like, raiding from across the river. He was not a lawman, just a rancher.

It is maybe worth a thousand or two now, but will never be sold at any price. I'll just have to figure who gets it when I am gone. Oh, fortunately my Beretta has no notches. Another six years and I can retire from that worry. I may have to make sure and not sell the Beretta either. Maybe someone will tell a story about it.
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