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Originally Posted by USAFNoDak
I believe he just admitted that F&F was indeed a program meant to expose lax gun laws (in the minds of anti gun ideologists such as Holder and Obama) in the USA as a major source of guns for the mexican drug cartels. We'll never hear them admit that, but call it one of those "gut check" intuition feelings one occasionally gets.
I think you have bought into their brainwash.

F&F had nothing to do with keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, and it had nothing to do with bringing down the heads of Mexican cartels. The guns were going to Mexico and they knew it, so it wasn't about keeping guns out of the hands of American criminals. And there were NO assets or mechanisms in place in Mexico to track the guns -- in fact, the U.S. didn't even let the Mexicans or our own personnel in Mexico know about the operation -- so any claim that they were intending to track the guns to cartel big-wigs is clearly spurious.

In fact, the intent of the program was specifically to put American guns -- that could be traced to the United States, and to straw purchasers in the United States -- INTO the hands of Mexican criminals, with the full intent that these guns WOULD be used to commit crimes. And after they were used, they would be recovered by the Mexicans and traced to the U.S. thereby bolstering the false claim that American gun shops are arming the Mexican cartels. The administration and the BATFE knew exactly what these guns would be used for, and they viewed the crime victims as collateral damage. The only thing they didn't anticipate was that one (or two or three, but who's counting) of the guns would be used to kill a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Unintended consequences ...
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