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Disgusting and horrible story. Similar to one that happened in Nh several years ago when some punks broke into a house and slashed a mother to death and almost killed her young daughter at the same time. It was in an area you would never expect it to happen, and was just some punks looking to satisfy thier fantasy of killing. When Im not at work (in Mass, where Im not legal to carry), I have my Glock or S&W 686 on me at all times, even in the house. When I go to bed, its on the nightstand right next to me, with those glowing green eyes I can see in the dark at a glance. I dont see how anyone can think they know when an attack may come, it could be anywhere, at any time, in any place. No guarantees in life, and like others have stated, thinking you can get to the safe, unlock it, and get into action in time of a surprise is not being rational. People who go looking for trouble are usually not as much trouble as someone who is ready for them. Keep your self defense weapon with you at all times.
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