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Trying to get educated on Antique Guns

I'm try to educate myself on certain antique guns. For now, I've limited my area of interest to Colt SAA's - which is more than enough for me to digest over a period of time.

Some general questions:

1. Is there a good internet forum (that gets any amount of traffic) dedicated specifically to antique firearms? I am aware that there are some pretty good experts around here - but no specific topic just for antique / collectible firearms.

2. Are there any good books available just on Colt SAA's and related guns?

3. Here's one thing that I'm really trying to figure out: Finish condition on 100+ year old firearms - the bluing/case hardening changes to something of a black/brown/gray patina....or does it? If it's not glossy blue, but black/brown/gray patina - is this considered to still have finish on the gun? How is this treated for collector's purposes?
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