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My 91/30 mossin nagant project

OK I received my 91/30 from big five last night. Has all matching serial numbers and came with a bayonet, ammo pouches, sling, tool kit to adjust the pin?, and a barrel cloth cover. The rifles metal parts are like new. The stock is nice and fresh with some varnish flaking off. Bolt action is smooth and quick, much better than what I was expecting. Did a tactical. Run with it and its weighted well. It was 203$ but due to being on special 3day sale it was 109$ which is a great deal. I'm planing to take it to a gunsmith to check out all the parts and see if there is anything wrong with the mechanical parts and see if there is anything in need of tweaking or repair before I go test fire it.
My plan with the gun is simply to keep the original parts as is. I will buy a mote Carlo stock , tri rail mount, scout scope, bipod, cheekrest/amoholder . These will be merely Bolton parts so as not to alter the rifle.
The plan is to be able to swap between the standard mode of the 91/30 to a sporter sniper rifle mode. It seems easily attainable and all the main mods will be done to the Monte Carlo stock not the standard stock. I will keep barrel length and maybe get a muzell break if I can ever find one for a 91/30.
This process dosnt seem that it it will be very costly. While keeping it were it can swap between modes makes the rifle a gun to playground with. And since the standard mode will not be altered its historical look will be available at any time.

OK so far I've located the stock,rail mount, cheekrest/ammo holder, and stripper clips
The scope I want needs to be long relief so I believe I should look into scout scopes. I also want an illuminated sights in the scope. But not finding any worth the price. Can anyone recommend any such scopes that arnt to pricy?
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