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I live in a relatively safe place. Rural, 10 miles from town. Home invasions would not be on top of my list of worries.

Now, having said that I carry my 642 in my pocket constantly. I've shot rattlers under my back steps, I've come out of the shop and shot a fox raiding my chicken pen.

There is a pack of dogs that like to hang out at the mail box on the highway a mile away that kept my granddaughter from getting the mail.

Just a week ago I had to put down a horse. I'm not worried about two legged critters, but more then once I've found use for my pocket revolver.

Not worried about my grandkids, but some times they bring their little friends over. Not much of a chance of some kid digging through my pocket to get access to a loaded gun.

I've practiced and shot my little 642 that I've developed the confidence that I don't feel the need of a truck gun anymore.
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