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I want to add that no matter how safe the statistics say we are, denying the real possibility of catastrophe is a risk.

Nobody has ever invaded my home, but see what I found on my piano one morning. it found it's way into my basement through the chimney of my water heater. I found myself incapable of dealing with this home invader.

My house has been struck by lightning, when it hit, it blew the roof open, and struch the ceiling of my bedroom exactly dead center above my pillow. At least 3 more times, trees on my lot have been struck. We were missed by a couple miles by the EF5 that went through, and just this week, we had a minor quake.

How many one in a billion chances have I already lost in my lifetime? Why does a person assume that a billion to one chance of winning the lottery is different from the billion to one chance of a violent crime occurring? They spend hundreds of dollars in hopes that one will come true, and the other, they wander about their daily lives, oblivious to risk, in blind faith that the other won't happen.

I don't get it.
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