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PJ Media has a nice piece on Sen. Cornyn putting a pin in the Wide Receiver balloon.

Holder: "Senator, I have not tried to equate the two–I have not tried to equate Wide Receiver with Fast and Furious. . . . Again, I’m not trying to equate the two."

Once again, Holder didn't let his fingerprints get on the idea to try and equate the two; but he did release memos calculated to create that impression, and I've certainly seen that fact highlighted by friendly press, and of course, he let Senators Schumer and Feinstein wax poetic about Wide Receiver without once attempting to correct them.

It was great fun to see Schumer, Feinstein and Holder blunder into an obvious PR trap though. I don't know if they truly didn't see that coming or just didn't care because they figured it would never get reported to their constituents.
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