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I don't carry in home. I would given other circumstances. If I was on rural property around here, I would almost certainly carry outside of the home. There is nothingn stupid about carrying in home. I do think that many who do carry in home are probably overestimating their situation, and they could probably live out a thousand lifetimes in their current circumstances without having ever had a home invader.

In reality, I see this particular incident as beyond redemption. Because they were the people that they were, with community responsibilities, they were at times compelled to open their homes. I don't think that the boys were acquainted with the people.

had the old man had a gun, it would not have mattered. An old many attacked by a young and strong predator by surprise probably didn't have a chance. his wife probably had no opportunity to get to a weapon, and would not have been carrying one if her husband had been armed.

The only reasons that this couple died were that there are psychopathic killers who strike at random, and their way of living put them in danger, just like a life of prostitution does. They were vulnerable to those boys, whereas I doubt that very many of the people here would have allowed those boys through their doors. I've allowed strangers into my home, but this article has once again reminded me to be on guard when I do.

I have always assessed my personal risk of a home invasion as moderate. We live in a complex neighborhood. two people simply out to kill may have chosen any of the homes in this neighborhood; specifically the SW corner of the intersection I live on. The old man and woman who live there are exact counterparts of the zantops. independent music teachers, who give lessons out of their home.
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