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OK... I might be ready to try this...

I already load close to 70 different calibers... inherited all the casting stuff from my father in law, after he died... I've collected several molds for some of the odd calibers I load for ( that I currently have a buddy cast )... I have a lubrisizer & a couple size dies... as well as a buddy to use for a mentor, as I get started...

I have nearly a ton of lead ingots that my father in law cast, that I helped him move around several times... most were done with reclaimed bullets, wheel weights, & some lino type... & I'd expect some "soft lead scrap" as he used to do stained glass work, & had alot of lead cane & assorted scraps that I suspect got added to the pot... none of the ingots are marked...

do I need to buy a hardness tester ???

anyone cast 22 caliber bullets ??? my buddy is a retired tool & die maker, & makes almost all his own molds... he's casting from a 6 cavity 40ish grain gas check bullet mold he made, for his Hornet, & I find that interesting, though it seems maybe pretty advanced

my buddy suggested only casting one bullet from each pot, to try to keep the weights more consistant, on calibers that I shoot alot of... how consistant do you guys get when you cast ???

aside from alloy, what else effects the bullet weights ???

got a good suggestion for reading material for me to read over the winter, before I try casting next summer ???

do you prefer a brand or style of mold ???

how many bullets can realistically be cast in an hour using a 2 cavity mold ???

anything else I should know before I get started???
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