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If a guy was hunting yotes at 200 to 250 yards, I would think that would probably be the extreme limit for a humane kill, if a shot is well placed.

Prarie dogs, rabbits , squirrel, and the like, would probably be out of the question out past 150 yards, in a real hunting situation.
You really need to realize that hitting an animal, and actually killing it are two entirely different things.

200-250 yards on a coyote with a .17 HMR is nothing short of a far fetched stunt. There just isn't enough thump at that range to get the job done reliably. I've seen 'coons take a solid hit with a .17 HMR a lot closer than that, and just keep on going. Coyotes are somewhat harder to kill than 'coons, mostly.

OTOH, if you can hit a ground squirrel, P-dog, or rabbit at those ranges, they really aren't that hard to kill. This would be far more do-able than a larger, tougher animal, even if the target is smaller.

The real world just doesn't work the way you describe.

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