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Re Bartholomew Roberts Sounds like someone promised Dennis Burke a pardon...

So Burke just admited to a federal crime (the release of the senstitive information, and if a jury disbelieves his story about intent, retaliation against a whistleblower). Since I'm kind of skeptical a "stand-up guy" would have gotten involved in the mess to begin with - or tried to "dirty up" an agent who protested and then release sensitive information to smear said agent, it seems to me more likely that Burke is angling for the Scoober Libby Presidential Pardon Award for leaking sensitive information to discredit critics.

Naturally, I am sure this particular revelation will be pursued by the press with the same tenacity as the Plame story...

Two things come to mind.

Burke will likely get whatever in the way of presidential pardons he might end up in need of, less Obama et al end up looking worse than they do now. By the way, does anyone credit the idea that Obama was in any way, unaware of what was going on?

As to Bart's reference to how the press might/will handle this "particular revelation", he is likely all to correct, though some parts of "the press" seem to be awakening to this situation.
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