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I did a fast twist expiriement with the 22 Hornet ( which won't normally stabilize anything much over 50 grains )

I have a Taurus Raging Hornet that I grafted a Dan Wesson barrel shroud to fit, & made a custom 1 in 9" twist barrel ( normal is 1 in 14" or sometimes 1 in 12" ) I now shoot 68 grain bullets out of my 6" revolver... in fact it worked so well I bought a Ruger 77/ 22 Hornet & swapped a 1 in 9" twist barrel & now am working through loads with faster powders ( to work more efficiently in the 6" barrel ) that still shoot well in the rifle... 55 grain & 68 grain bullets shoot very well... volume even in the revolver is almost quiet enough to not need ear protection the rifle is very quiet

I working on groups out to 200 yards right now with both guns...

sometimes this stuff works... some times it doesn't but as long as you have the imagination & the friends, & the means... it sure is fun
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