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MI & ME – WI & NM Sign Agreements MT Honors WI + OR/MS Updates

Michigan and Maine have signed a reciprocity agreement. Michigan has now signed with every state possible.
For them to add any more states the states that don’t honor them would have to change their laws. They don’t have reciprocity in their laws. I have a copy of the signed agreement. MI Signed it the last of the month and Maine signed it 11/7. So it may be a few days before they update their websites.

Wisconsin has added New Mexico to the list of states it honors. New Mexico stated on their website all they were waiting for was Wisconsin to list NM on their website and they would honor their License to Carry. Just heard back from NM and they will most likely update their site shortly. Shortly could be a few days for government.

I have also added an AG Opinion on Carry with the CCW Endorsement in Mississippi to the MS page at

The Oregon University System has also decided not to appeal the Court Decision in Oregon on their rules/regs. No carry on campus rules/regs are null and void. More good news in Oregon and where honest people can protect themselves. I haven’t digested it all but they will most likely make it a rules infraction for Students and Factuality to carry. They will only be breaking a University rule and not a law but they could lose their job or if a student be kicked out of school.

Also heard back from WY on honoring WI. They had requested more info from WI and were unaware that WI had listed them. They stated they still had to wait for more info. Though have to say WY law states if you honor ours we will honor yours. It is just a matter of time before WY lists WI.

Heard back from Montana just a few minutes ago and they thanked me for bringing to their attention that Wisconsin honored them. They stated they will honor the Wisconsin License. I like it when it works that way.

Things have been changing quickly since Wisconsin went Shall Issue. I don’t usually have to post what I consider important updates this often but I have to say I enjoy posting information like this as it means more of us can carry in more places. The Create a Map Application will lag behind the state pages in who honors who. I have to send that info to Steve and then he has to change the Maps on the Create a Map Application With all the changes taking place it is very easy for me to miss something and I want to have all the correct info so us good guys and gals can stay within the law. So if you see anything you believe is not correct please contact me by clicking on “Contact Uu” at the bottom of the main page at Please give me time to respond.
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