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I don't see why the OP had a problem with going to Wilson for redress---Berry did not make or package the product. Following his (ill) logic then any item bought in any store anywhere is the responsibility of the retailer--which is silly. If this kind of nonsense were the rule--you would only be able to buy a wilson gage from Wilson--which is more expensive.
You would have to drive out to the farm to get your radishes and corn and let''s get real here.

All the retailer does for you is make the product more easily available and cheaper for you by taking the financial risk of stockpiling it. He does not MAKE it. I've operated retail stores in the past and I've dealt with Berry for a long time. I will continue to buy Berry products. I've also dealt with Wilson over a period of time and I am sure that they would have done right by the end user here as they have in the past, but this fool never let them have a chance.
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