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With all respect, I'm afraid the story you heard was not entirely accurate. The conversation with the employee got heated because the employee chose to get loud and obnoxious, I'm afraid I followed suit .... my bad.

First I was told Berry Manf outsourced the gages from LE Wilson and to call them. I informed the employee that I didn't buy the gage from LE Wilson I bought it from Berry's and I expected Berry to take care of the problem. I could see no reason to call LE Wilson. This is when she got angry, loud and interruptive. Frankly if she worked for me, I'd have fired her for talking to customers in that manor.

I never said I wouldn't send the tool back. I wouldn't expect you to replace a product that was not in hand, that would be idiotic. I was told that if I sent it back a refund would be issued and I could re-order. What would this do for me? Originally I paid to have you ship me the mislabeled product, not entirely your fault, but in the end it wasn't my fault. Next I'd have to pay to return it back to you for exchange, finally I'd have to pay to have the replacement sent to me. I'd pay shipping three times for a mistake I had nothing to do with. The Berry rep was very clear on this, I was told all shipping would be at my expense.

I guess I'm old fashioned, I expect companies to back up their product with service.

FYI, I did call LE Wilson, they claimed responsibility and have agreed to replace the mispackaged product and refund any shipping expences.

I own and operate a retail business and I deal with customers each and every day. Not once in eleven years did I not back up a product that I sold, even if it cost me money. If I send something out and it is wrong or defective, I fix the problem. I expect the companies I deal with to do the same. I don't sell an item then tell the customer to call someone else in the event of a problem. It's just bad business.

I do believe that if you had been involved on a personal level, things would have been different. Further, I will have trouble finding a replacement for your fine products.
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