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I've two of the new Classics, and love them! The quality, fit and finish on both is quite good. Both started off throwing rounds in a pattern of around 10" at 25 yards out of the box, but after a couple hundred rounds, really wore in and now are quite accurate. Mine love the 158 grain commercial loads, but the idea of hte lighter bullet weight with more "kick" sounds good also. With my job being what it is, I get to handle and see quite a few of the older models, and in MY mind, I would buy the new Classic before searching out an older A or B model - unless the price was just so low you couldn't pass it up.
According to Coonan, a Compact (Cadet in yesteryear) model is in the works, but they need to make sure they're caught up with current full size orders, and that all quality checks are passed before sending it to production.
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