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Okay... I read, and then re-read the RULES of posting in this thread. Since I have (what my credit card bill calls "extensive") experience in dealing with Berry's, I feel I can safely post in this thread.

I stand by what I said above.

In our ballgame, most of the companies are a bunch of good guys... usually, a bunch of shooters and gun cranks living the dream and doing a "job" that is similar to what the rest of us do for fun.

Most of the folks we deal with are good people. IMO, Berry's manages to put themselves ahead of even many of the others. This is a great company with a terrific product and my experiences have all be completely positive.

I think it can be a bit careless to "go public" in a much-viewed internet forum when someone has a glitch in their experience with a company. I'd like to think this one is or has been cleared up without any resulting skid marks.
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