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Here is an update to the issue we had on the order to David:

I got involved with the corrective action to check LE Wilson inventory in the warehouse. We found two 357 Mag case length gages in with the MAX case gages. The difference is the case gauge does not check OAL of the loaded round and the MAX gage does check it. In researching the mix up I found that LE Wilson only created product part numbers mid 2011, so all orders were based on product description. When we receive an item from a vendor we scan the barcodes of the order to make sure they match the packing slip of what was shipped and cross reference the PO to make sure we got what we ordered. With no barcodes available or part numbers on the product label, it would be the responsibility of the receiving agent to have the product knowledge in order to spot the difference. As one of the forum members alluded to that if David would have gotten pushed up to me the outcome probably would have been different, I would agree that when I did leg work on the problem I discovered the issue very quickly and would have been able to help the customer more to his satisfaction. It would have also helped me identify the problem with the Wilson products and how we purchase them. LE Wilson are what I consider to be the finest gages for the price and have 100% confidence in the product or I wouldn't be using them personally and suggested they be added to our line. My apologies to David for the error, it's hard to write a hard fast policy that works for all situations but we really try to do our best.
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