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LP's, tapes, CDs, Beta, VHS, it's a funny comparison and almost sounds reasonable.

Problem is... this brass has been this way for a lot, LOT longer. This isn't 1982 and CD's aren't just now coming in to vogue. And if you accidentally place a CD on a turntable and move the lever, it's not going to EXPLODE.

Nobody is trying to say that all improvements and change must be resisted.

This would be much more like if all new light bulbs had a left-screw thread. Bulbs would still be 110v, they'd still give the equivalent of 60 to 100 watts of expected light -- but you couldn't screw a damn one of them in to any single lamp that you own. You'd first have to retrofit each lamp you intend to use a new light bulb with a left-hand screw thread.

Sure, you can keep an old stock of proper right hand thread light bulbs... until they quit making them. And there will still be some lamps for sale with the common, proper, "been doing it that way since the turn of the century" right hand thread, but these will be phased out.

For about 5 or 10 years, or for as long as you can stand it, you'll have to stock two different kinds of light bulbs and match the proper bulb to the lamp or fixture unless you want to rid your house of every right hand thread fixture from the basement rafters to the upstairs attic crawl space.
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