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I'm sorry you felt our service was lacking, but you also have to see it from our perspective. Our policy is to get the product back so we can correct the problem, we can't just re-send a new one with the hopes of getting the gage back. This was not a CSR picking on you they were following the policy set by the company. Last month we sold an RCBS scale that the customer said did not work when he opened the box. He emailed us and I told him that I would suggest he contact RCBS first since they are the ones who warranty their products. I also told him that if they were unable to satisfy him I would refund his purchase including shipping if he sent it back and then I would deal with RCBS on the bad product. Your conversation got heated when you were asked to send the product back and we would take care of you as our customer. I understand your frustration and if it were a Berry's product that we made and packaged the response may have been different. Since the incident we have taken corrective action and quarantined the 357 gages in question and have gone through the inventory to make sure there is not another mixed gage in the packaging. We do our best to make a quality product and stand by our customers. You are welcome to contact me if you would like to further discuss the matter and if you would like to return the gage I will refund your money including your return freight.

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