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I will go so far to add a little. I think every woman alone at night has the right to drive to a more populated area before pulling over for someone she KNOWS is a cop. The more susceptiple(spelling?) ones are hookers, strippers, and the like. There have been many documented caes of uniformed officers taking advantage of these women(or other women). I am a man, so I can't understand these things or I should say fears like a woman can. That being said, every American has the right to feel safe. Let's face it, there are some people in some parts of society's ranks that are victimized more than others and that "turn the green lights on" for predatory males. Many times the predators prey on all types of women anyways. If you have any doubts, play it safe.

PS(and on a side note/slight tangent): Being an adult with children, this is what scares me with predators. We all know they are out there, and they know when they can make their move. I don't really even like to talk about it.

PPS - Those guys(impersonators in Colorado) from my earlier posting in this thread with the news story. They had probably been seeking a woman. After ending up with a man, they were trying to decide what to do(robbery? car theft?). Either way it is speculation, but a woman might not have been that lucky.
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