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IMO every police officer should have to review the constitution, and take a civics course as in service training every year. The police it seem's have joined every other political jerk in thinking the people are here to subjicated by them. As evidenced by the militarization, and generally negative attitude of so many officers today.
GlennD, I cannot speak for your experience. I am sure that some cops are exactly as you described. Respectfully, my experience has led me to a different point of view. The Maine Criminal Justice Academy requires cadets to memorize the bill of rights. Most police hiring panels (here in Maine anyway) have citizens of the town appointed by the town's selectmen as voting members of the panel. Every rookie cop has the definition of "Reasonable Articulable Suspicion" (The legal standard that must be met before someone can detained for further investigation) drilled into his or her head. Most cops that I know, could teach a civics class.

If an unmarked car signals to pull me over along a deserted stretch of road at night and my senses tell me to be cautious; I will turn on my hazards, obey all traffic laws, call 911, and drive the speed limit to a well light populated area before I pull over. I would be taking this action out of a sense of self preservation, not because I think the police have forgotten their place in today's society.
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