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It was me that made the comment about sometimes people forgetting who the police work for. And I stand by that statement. The Police work for the people. The police derive their power from the people. The police represent the people. Keeping in mind that we as Americans are governed by consent.

Of course the police pay taxes... often more than most of the people they serve. But that dont make them exempt from their responsibilites. IMO every police officer should have to review the constitution, and take a civics course as in service training every year. The police it seem's have joined every other political jerk in thinking the people are here to subjicated by them. As evidenced by the militarization, and generally negative attitude of so many officers today. Being a police officer is NOT a entitlement, or a right, nor is it an oppertunity to play catch up on people who took your lunch money in middle school. It is a privledge, an honor, and a responsibility. All taken on for the greater good.

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