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The only problem is that no pln survbives contact with rea;ity.
little confused - not sure if it is me or you don't proofread often(you had other examples):

when I was a teen this wannabe fed teenager troublemaker into real grenades, sawed off shotguns, you name it had one of those bubble blues mentioned earlier. He scared me half to death back in the days when we ran from cops for a livin'(late teen drinking years). I went down a huge steep hill, lost my beer, my humility, etc. It was all a joke. He had driven up on us as we drank and smoked one day. He had one of those old cop cars too(not cop car but the ones that look like it with the side mirror and all). Anyways, he grew up to be a good man: he is with the coast guard police nowadays unless he made a transition to the non-military LEO's.

These cars exist today! You know, the ones that you slow down for on the hwy only to find out it is just some joe schmo who has the vehicle for whatever reason. People need to be careful first! I agree w/Glenn about that. If you have any issue, you need to trust your gut and do what conn trooper said too.

I got pulled over today. Guy didn't even run my name/license. This is Very Rare...even when I am cut a break usually my license is run. Maybe it had to do with me having an answer to his question and probably more that I continued for 1/8 mile and pulled off the major two lane road with only a curb into a little side street.

We had no conversation about guns, but I did not have my firearm on me. I had an apptmt and had to run out the door(bad excuse but I could not be late for that one).

all the best
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