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Tyler Mfg. Co. is Back! Thank you Bryan!

There has been a huge amount of discussion on the boards over the last year regarding orders sent to Tyler Mfg. for grip adapters and trigger shoes that were never fulfilled.

I was one of those customers. And as time wore on, I complained both by letter and certified letter directly to Tyler Mfg. and here on this forum.

The family business that is Tyler Mfg. is now under the control of Bryan Matthews Jr. and he is fulfilling all overdue orders and building inventory for the future.

I know this because he called me today to inform me that my order from more that a year ago, will be sent out next week.

We had a very nice conversation, and Bryan explained the business situation and more importantly, his plans for building up inventory and better business practices for the future.

I wished him well, and look forward to doing business with him in the future.

I will post pictures of my grip adapters when they get in next week.
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