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Its a scary story.
When i was a teenager growing up in Chicago. Me and my buddy went to pick up two girls we were dating, they were sisters. Well after picking the girls up and leaving in my buick we got tailed by a unmarked crown victoria, Im talking about this guy was on our bumper. Then came the lights, im talking about the same lights you find on unmarked cars, so we pulled over. We were in a pretty crappy neighborhood, we figuered it was the cops, so we pulled over and waited. Then the car pulls up next to us, at this point my heart dropped, the occupants of this vehicle were nothing close to cops, it was 4 young punk gangbangers! They pulled up next to us, flashed us there gun then speed off! Thank God they didnt shoot. Anyways, Im assuming those punks bought a used police interceptor, which is common in chicago, there are a lot of dealers that sell those, but the issue here was the stroblights were not removed, or were reactivated by those punks. Im always cautious about pulling over for unmarked vehicles, ill usually drive to the nearest gas station, or any public plase were people are around.
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