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QUOTE: R1145:
In California, only a marked vehicle can legally conduct a traffic stop. A marked vehicle doesn't need to be a black & white (specifically, all the CVC requires is markings on both sides and a red light). Note that there are CODE 3 equipped bicycles that can legally be used for traffic stops (i.e. a "POLICE" sticker on both sides and a red light).

One of my brothers, a Chief of Police in a small Texas town, drove an unmarked vehicle, but still had his law enforcement shirt, on, badge and his
45 handgun, told me, when I asked him about pulling cars over with it, that
he could stop anyone, even outside his jurisdiction, if he saw a crime being committed, but could not make traffic stop for breaking the speed limit. If he saw someone run a stop sign he could stop them. His town was so small
they have only one or two regular police cars, and one unmarked one.
Quite often these small town police make calls in neighboring towns by arrangement when one of them is not able to respond. He did not like it
when State Troopers would work speed traps inside city limits but did not like to work any accidents. The real aggressive ones that stop lots of traffic violaters I have noticed, are the State Troopers.
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