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Yeah, there's no doubt that this is a change that most all of them are going to end up going to. Fiscally, it makes sense. (it would have made more sense if there was only one size to begin with, no?!)

The bottom line is still the same, it's a PITA. Funny thing is, for as strong as my opinion is on the subject, it doesn't cause me any real grief simply because I sort all my brass already anyway and the small primer stuff is easy for me to spot. The biggest problem it causes me is that I bend over and pick up brass that I later don't use.

Maybe one day I will use it... simply because there is more of it. I don't know. Still, it's an obnoxious idea.
In fact, there is a sense in which we are competition (small scale for sure), who are cutting onto the big guy’s market and doing it by reusing his stuff to boot.
This is the truth, and it's with this clearly in mind that I also get annoyed and angry at the very idea of Hornady's new "Steel Match" ammunition line.

They market the stuff as being cheaper... but it's still much more expensive than Blazer Brass or WWB or Rem-UMC and it scatters these complete useless steel cases all over the place. Makes every outdoor range look like complete hell. (yes, I know it's chi-com milsurp that actually does this, but Steel Match is the same end result, it's just that nobody is buying that over priced crap)

But my major problem with it is that Hornady, at their heart, is a component bullet manufacturer who's entire business was originally based around handloaders. These days they have tools (originally Pacific when they acquired them) and a heap of ammo, but at their heart, their business was formed and grew around handloaders. And their "Steel Match" line is not only over priced but it's a little stick in the eye to handloaders and anyone who reuses cartridge brass for handloading.
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