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QUOTE: Biker1
It all depends how much you are willing to risk for the contents of a wallet/purse even if the purse contains a pistol.

You are risking:
1. Killing a person over a small amount of property
2. Your freedom
3. Your family (as they will be without you while you're a guest of the state)
4. Financial ruin

Personally, I value family and freedom over a $400 .38 or some credit cards that will be canceled within 30 minutes.
You may cancel the credit cards within 10 minutes, but you may not stop
identity theft. If I am not mistaken, the two guys shot by Joe Horn, were also identity thieves, and they had a lot of trouble figuring out their true identity. And of course he had to defend it, but it got thown out by the grand jury.

I value my freedom too, but I am not too far from nursing home age now,
and my disabled family member will be a burden to the state when I am
compelled to stop taking care of her. That will cost them a 24/7 attendant for her that they have now without charge. And I am wiliing to stop them in Texas, but would think twice in other states. That care does not come free to the state, in that case, and I have no legal obligation to provide it. Not many old veterans are taking care of someone 24/7 like I do. And that is another reason that if I am carjacked I have to go for my gun. If they got away with her in the vehicle, she does not know to get out of the vehicle
in a hot parking lot if it were left there.

I have the habit of carrying my wallet in my front pocket, for this reason, it is very hard for a criminal to get it there. I have never lost but one in 40 years, and I learned from that. So it is likely if they grab for it, they will be shot on the scene, not running away with it.

I know when you leave the rural areas of Texas to the big cities, that the
DA's there are more likely to prosecute than out in the country. And currently my health care is provided by the VA, service connected. If I am
in jail, the county would have to provide it, at significant cost to the State.
So my wallet is off limits to criminals. I probably would not shoot them
though for stealing something out of my house if they got out without
being shot with it.
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