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Berry Manufacturing lack of service


I ordered three LE Wilson Pistol Gage's from Berry's Manuf. A .40. .38 and a .357. The .40 and the .38 arrived as ordered. The .357 box was labeled correctly .357 Mag Pistol Gage, however the Gage its self was wrong. They shipped me a .357 case length Gage in a .357 Pistol gage box, which is of no use to me at all. I called Berrys and told them what happened. They explained to me that I could return the mislabeled gage to LE Wilson because Berry outsources the LE Wilson products. I told Berrys that I ordered the tool form them, not LE Wilson and I expect them to honor the sale, meaning I return the improper tool to them and in return they send me the proper tool (as ordered).

Well they agreed to refund the purchase price for the wrong tool if I send it back. However I would need to reorder the tool. They wanted me to return the tool, pay the postage, and take a chance on a replacement order.

Didn't sound like a responsible way to handle a customer to me. I expect them to stand behind the product they sell, weather it's outsourced or not has nothing to do with me. I didn't choose outsourcing for Berry Manf, they did. I'm a customer that expects to be treated fairly. If I order a product from a company and the wrong item arrives I don't expect their mistake to cost me money.

My account has been canceled and I will never spend another penny with Berrys Manuf. I'd suggest you do the same.
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