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I was getting ready to change over my Dillon press from 9mm to .45 ACP and I'm sure you'll agree that changing over the primer feeds on progressive presses can be a bit tedious. With just about all the auto cartridges using small pistol primers, why not the .45 ACP? I think that if a company offered .45 ACP brass accepting small pistol primers, I'd be the first to buy them.
No, I do not agree. Want some cheese with that whine? It's simply part of the process, something that has to be done. Takes all of 3-4 minutes, and I'm 65 with arthritis in both hands! Some jamokes go as far as getting another complete primer feed, so they can simply change the whole thing.

Changing primer size in an established cartridge is like changing boats in the middle of a raging river. NOT a good idea. I can say I haven't seen any small primer 45's-----YET. My private range is populated by mostly reloaders, so range brass is something I don't see very often.
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