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Undies in a bunch?

Yes, I posted a potentially controversial topic but don't appreciate personal attacks. It's a matter of reading comprehension. My post was to ascertain whether or not reloaders thought it was a good idea, yes, no and why. And no, I don't expect the world to change for my convenience. Keeping the large primer pocket in the .45 ACP reminds me of the saying, "we've done it this way because we've always done it this way."

Safety: we can load a primer upside down, fail to seat a primer, then spill powder through the flash hole at the next station, double charge a case, fail to charge a case altogether, use the wrong powder. Etc. Alertness and not allowing ourselves to become distracted is what keeps reloading safe. If indeed, two primer pocket sizes are available, it's a matter of scanning the pockets. Also, primers require impact to detonate. Is there any reloader who has not accidentally crushed a primer?
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