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(Never Fired) Mosin Bolt stuck. Please Help!!

Hey, I'm new here. Looks like an awesome forum .

So like the title says, my Mosin's bolt keeps getting stuck. Here's the thing: I've never even fired it! I've played around with the bolt many times and it's never gotten stuck, but recently I bought some snap caps for it and after a couple times of ejecting them, the bolt gets stuck after I fire on a snap cap. Now, every time I pull the trigger (even when dry firing) the bolt gets stuck.

I'm pretty certain the bolt's not getting stuck inside the boltway because I've completely degreased the rifle of cosmoline; and besides that when I pull the cocking knob back it's as smooth as butter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I plan on shooting this rifle soon and don't want to have to pull the cocking knob back every time I want to eject a round.
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