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also the bullet length ( not actually the bullet weight ) is what determines the twist rate needed to stabilize... I tried some experiments back in the 80's, with the 30 carbine with bullets like you want to try ( I not only have a 30 carbine rifle, but an Automag 3 & a Blackhawk in the same caliber ) I found longer bullets in my rifle did not stabilize well with the slower twist rates, & the slightly reduced velocities resulting from the longer bullets reduced case capacity...

I was always wanting to try a faster twist barrel, but the rifles action is already over the pressure it was designed to run on... I eventually did do a fast twist expirement with the 22 Hornet, & had good luck with that combo...

unfortunately the carbine is what it is... a fun plinker... which BTW... one of my favorite handloads used 100 grain plinker bullets
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