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I can't see the video on my phone but I have a good idea what happened from reading the preceding posts. Believe it or not, there is a delicate art to handling cattle that takes years to master. I'm not being facetious. Any moron with a hotshot can push cattle up an alleyway from the catwalk. I'm talking about being able to make them do what you want without ever saying a word to them or getting them agitated in any way. Calm cattle are easier to handle. Easy handling means safer for me.
I do not know the intricacies of in-depth police work. I do not expect them to know the intricacies of my work. Most city people I have invited to my place are scared to death of cattle because they have no idea how to 'read' the animal. Cattle just want to get away from you and back to the herd when separated & very few want to deliberately hurt you. The ones that do want to hurt you can, given the opportunity, critically injure or even kill you in less time than it has taken you to read my post.
Sounds like these police officers were as frazzled as the animal. A bad combination led to a bad result.
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