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Pretty good advice.

If I had pulled in behind someone and "lit 'em up" and they floored it I would probably decide they were running. If the person is genuinely concerned and turns on flashers and keeps a sedate speed until they get to a more public area I would understand, as would 95% of the cops I know.
I enjoyed the comment from one gentleman who said something to the effect of not forgetting who the cops work for, they work for us. My personal answer to people who pulled that tired garbage on me was to hand them a nickel and tell them that was their portion of my salary for the year. Sir, you should never forget that the cop who works the streets pays a house payment and taxes and a water bill just like you do. He probably pays the same amount toward Police services that you do. He/she is definitely working to keep you safe and sound and to stand between you and imminent danger of harm. If need be the cop will put personal safety out of mind and stand between you and danger. I have been, after 40+ years in public safety, been honored to know personally 34 Police Officers who gave their lives to keep the world a better place for you and your family to be. I was shot in 1980 while chasing a burglar on foot at 2am. But I will tell you that "works for us" has other meanings beside the one you used. We don't work "FOR" you. In most cases you aren't qualified to tell us how to do our job. Our job dictates that we be brave even when scared out of our wits, just like you would be. Our job teaches us that if anyone has to get hurt it needs to be one of us and not you or your family. There are muttonheads out there who like to pretend they are cops and they try to stop you. If you ever see one of them get stopped by the real cops and follow his case you'll see that we take that very seriously. We will patrol and do anything else we can to prevent that from happening.
I'll add another bit of advice... if you're in an area where you know where the Police department is drive to that location before you stop. Or if you are driving to a safe place and see another police car flash your lights and honk your horn if the one behind you suddenly tiurns the lights off.
We aren't the enemy.
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