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There is no break in period, Glock's QC has slipped badly with testing, RSAs, and extractors.

But they do have good customer service and they will fix it.

SO you's says, 0-4-3 so that is the lastest. Although people have reported problems with the 0-4-3 also.

The replacement of the Gen4 pistol RSA can be performed as part of the regular field-strip process; consumers do not need to take the Gen4 pistol to an armorer. Consumer’s wishing to participate in the exchange program are urged to call 1-877-745-8523 to order their new recoil spring.

For more information on the details and shipping requirements on the replacement program, visit
Or you can just buy the LoneWolf springs and guide.

usually the extractor problem manifests itself in throwing brass straight back at your face.
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