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.45 ACP Cartridge Makeover?

I was getting ready to change over my Dillon press from 9mm to .45 ACP and I'm sure you'll agree that changing over the primer feeds on progressive presses can be a bit tedius. With just about all the auto cartridges using small pistol primers, why not the .45 ACP? I think that if a company offered .45 ACP brass accepting small pistol primers, I'd be the first to buy them.

The advantages are that you don't have to convert primer feeds if you load other auto-pistol cartridges and you may not have to stock large pistol primers unless needed for something else such as the .44 Magnum.

The disadvantages are that in recovering brass at the range, you would have to sort your brass by primer pocket although eventually, brass with the large primer pocket would dry up.

While the jury is still out on the .45 GAP, I do like that they designed it with a small primer pocket.

What do you think?
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