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What are the markings on the reciever? Does it say IMI Israel on the left or right side just under where the rear sight is?

Does is say Vector Arms on the left side of the reciever?

Does it say NHM anywhere on it?

I am gonna guess that this is one of the old IMI/Vector guns made with full auto triggers welded into semi auto only.

Edit: I have one of the Uzis that Vector built on the IMI receivers that NHM imported. Most of them were marked .45 ACP or they were marked .22/9mm/.45. It doesn't matter, you can change the caliber of a Uzi in a minute by changing the barrel, bolt, and magazine.

Even if the OP doesn't have one of the guns I am guessing he has, from the sound of it, what he does have is a great 9mm carbine.

As to my previous question about the bolt locking back; If it were a "real" Uzi the bolt would lock open as they are open bolt submachineguns. There are some closed bolt full autos but they are pretty darn rare.
"9mm has a very long history of being a pointy little bullet moving quickly" --Sevens

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