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Most gun dog breeders will start training a pup before it is sold or picked up by the client. Tossing bird wings and letting them play with them, but not tear them up is good for them.

At this age every thing needs to be positive. Get him/her a duck wing and a small bumper. Ziptie the wing to the bumper and throw it a few feet out. You should have your dog on a rope so you can real him/her in. Give them lots of praise and petting when you pull them back to you. It wont take long to get them going. Go slow and keep it fun and short, 10-15 minutes max.

I like to start obedience training at this age with a bag of the carry out treats, most dogs will do any thing for a treat. I break the treats up so they are just bite size and I can get a lot of millage out of one treat. I use it to teach sit and shake and here. A mistake that some people make is they call the dog to them and then punish them, never never to that. Always reward the dog for coming to you even if it is just a pat on the head.

The other training tool that I really like is a leash. All my pups start out on a leash that way I have a way to give an instant correction. Dogs have very short attention spans so instant correction is vital when training.

DO NOT BUY AN E-COLLAR UNTIL YOU GET SOME TRAINING ON HOW TO USE IT FROM A GOOD TRAINER. E-collars are a great and necessary tool when used correctly.

If you want more advice shoot me a PM and we can talk.
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