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thanx for the story markj+you did good.

farmerboy is right too...just like that video of the lady that got run over at the drivethru because she wouldn't give the guy a "coffin nail"(cancer stick) and was rightfully rude or that walmart guy recently killed by homeless guy over his remarks when he was asked for to just say you use a creditcard

I saw a guy get ballistic at someone in the middle of the street at south beach miami; you know, the homeless and/or crackhead, half in the bag white guy late 30's type.

I thought that dude was a real a$%, complaining he only was given a nickel. it was pure comedy listening to this guy in the middle of the street

we had 5-6hrs layover between flights(I did it on purpose) - too bad marlins were playing that night and not during the day
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