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Well i don't think you understand. No body can give you a fully auto weapon without the required forms. You are not allowed to take possion untill such forms are filled out and approved. The fact that you have the weapon is a felony. It appears that your so called friend does not have the required forms either. So now both of you are subject to 10 years in the slammer no questions ask.

There is no way you are going to walk into any law agency and just hand it to them and walk out.

Options are.

Give it back to your so called friend.

Dig a hole and bury it with two bags of concrete on top and tell everyone there is a rabid skunk under there.

Find the Dallas chapter of the Sons Of Anarchy and see if they will take it.

I,m betting this thing is stolen Special Forces Property

Now if you happen to be a member of one of the cartels operating out of Texas then you probably really don't care what the laws are.

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